Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Berlin (in pics)

Frau Losch bought us all chocolates for the trip :)

First view of the city!

Starting off our tour...
Our guide explained that approx. every 2 weeks
an unexploded bomb is found in Berlin.
A 250lb one was just discovered... eek!

War damage on a column.
Bullet marks and blackening from the bombs.
German Art Museum on Museum Island

Close up of the Fernseherturm (TV tower)
Street light man. He characterized all their street lights

Humboldt Universität
Example of team work :)
Will needed help getting a better pic. Assistance from Josh!
Riding the double decker bus and then a car hit the bus!
Don't worry, no one was hurt :)

Berlin Wall running through the street
Part of the remaining wall

Berliner Bär, these statues are all over the city
Lindsey & Laura in the Holocaust memorial
Huge Boulevard behind the Brandenburg Gate;
It runs through the Tiergarten and on through the Victory Column
A world class museum... The Pergamon!
Mary, Josh, April, and Will sitting inside on the steps
Listening to our audio guide
Inside the altar
Big, beautiful, blue Babylonian Gates!!!
The Berliner Dom
Inside the church
View from the top, of course there were a lot of stairs to climb! Nothing unusual :)
The Reichstag... There is a glass dome atop that we went into.
It symbolizes that the people can see into their goverment.
Potsdamer Platz

Photography by April Magneson

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