Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Deutsches Museum

On Monday, May 14th the highlight of my trip to Germany occurred. :) On Monday, about half the group went to the Deutsches Museum in Munich during our free time.  I LOVED IT! Ok, so I am still a little bit excited about it, even though I was also disappointed due to construction.  A little information, the Deutsches Museum is the world’s largest science and technology museum.  Note, that is the world’s largest, not just Germany’s largest.  The museum technically has 6 floors (I think), but a couple of the floors don’t really exist to visitors because there is a planetarium which necessarily takes more than just one floor in places.  The other reason I don’t know exactly is because after two hours we had yet to see it all!  We took a speed tour through some of the exhibits, but that was because we just wanted to see as much as absolutely possible.  My disappointment was that the chemistry exhibit was completely closed due to construction and renovation. :( I was happy to find that many of the signs around the exhibits contained English in addition to the German description.  This was appreciated because I do not have enough German knowledge to understand all the descriptions, but I was still surprised that the museum would cater that much to other nationalities (or at least those that speak English also).  There was an obvious emphasis in places on European and German scientific history, and this is expected and probably correct.  Much of science history did occur in Europe, thus it makes sense to have the largest museum here.  Many sights and experiences have been amazing on this trip, but this was the absolute best so far and I still find myself in awe of the museum overall.  The trip overall has had many new experiences and I have learned many, many new things! 

-Sarah Matt 

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