Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Surprise Day in Bonn

May 21, 2012

We started the day just like any other day, but this particular day ended differently than any other day so far on our trip. This specific day was one of my favorites for the month. We knew that the Wartburg College Castle Singers were performing in Bonn, Germany that night. Bonn is a few hours away by train from Marburg where we were staying. Bonn is located directly west of Marburg. A few of the students decided to travel to Bonn to surprise the other Wartburgers. They had no idea we were coming!
After riding three different trains for about three hours total, we were finally in Bonn. We found a map of the city and we were off, but not before had a quick couple scoops of Eis (ice cream)! We walked along the beautiful Rhein to get to the Deutsche Welle where the Castle Singers were performing that night.
Once we knew we were close to where we were supposed to be, one person from our group spotted the Castle Singers. It was a complete random chance that we spotted them when and where we did! They were enjoying some nice fresh air in a little courtyard outside of the Deutsche Welle. They were extremely surprised to see us and we were extremely happy to surprise them!
After talking with them for a little while, they had to go get seated and ready for their concert. We were about ready to walk around to the front of the building so we could get in when one of them came back. Dr. Andrews had said that we could join them for the concert without having to go around to the front door.
It was cool and a good feeling to be able to meet up with other Wartburgers in a place over 4,000 miles from small-town Iowa. This just goes to show how the Wartburg students support each other in the things that they do.
-Mary Wrage

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