Samstag, 26. Mai 2012


Hello from Germany!
            Last weekend the group went on an excursion to Munich. We saw so much in those three days, but it was a blast! The highlight of my trip to Munich was our three-hour walking tour of the city. I learned so much in those three hours and the most interesting part was following the 3rd Reich and seeing those buildings in history.
Our tour guide was Maxine Ryder and she was from Australia. She has lived in Munich for 15 years and she was a great tour guide! She started off giving us a background on Hitler’s life as a child and in school. She mentioned that as a young boy he was never interested in school and that he wasn’t very ambitious. I found this interesting because later on in his life a lot of people would consider him to be ambitious and a man with a vision. I also learned that he was an artist earlier on in his life, but failed to get into art school because he lacked in the skill of figure drawing. He would buy postcards of Munich and copy them onto a bigger poster and then sell them.
After she gave us the background information on Hitler we visited the Hofbrauhaus. This building is where the Nazi party was formed. The party name was changed from the German Work Force to the Nazi party that we all know of today. We ended up eating the next night in the main room where the meetings were typically held. The room was very large and our meal was great!
I found this all interesting because most people don’t get the chance to say that they were in certain places of history. Most of the buildings that we saw were original while some of them were rebuilt because of World War II. Either way, being able to hear and see all of this history was an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I feel like everyone should get a chance to visit other cultures, it really opens your mind to new possibilities. It really changes your life! Hope Wartburg is doing well!
-Laura Pals

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